The Rev. Keith and Mrs Jenny Bell have been appointed by the PIM to establish and develop the new congregation. Keith has been the minister in 3 parishes in three different states and leaves his current job as a hospital chaplain to establish this new work.

Keith and Jenny were born and bred in Queensland.  They met when they both worked in the pathology department of the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  They have been married for forty years and in that time have raised five wonderful children – four girls, Catherine, Naomi,Coralie and Susannah and one son, Andrew.  They have blessed them with seven grandchildren thus far and what a joy and delight they are to them. Susannah (their youngest) is at university studying to become a rehabilitation counsellor.

Keith trained at the Queensland Theological College and exited to the Bell charge where he was ordained in 1982.  His next parish was that of Naracoorte in South Australia followed by Hamilton in Victoria.  For the last 7 years he has been a paediatric chaplain in several Melbourne metropolitan hospitals.

 Keith has a second job in Alice Springs He is a Chaplain to Police, Fire and Emergency Services. This role has been been intrumental in helping Keith get to know the Alice Springs community.

Jenny has had several changes of career including that of a stay-at-home mum for 17 years.  She worked for RMIT University as a Resource Manager shortly before moving to Alice Springs.